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Roof Installations and Replacements

At Senco, we treat your roofs as if they were our own.

We understand just how important of an investment your roofs are. Doing a roof replacement, roof installation or roof repair is probably one of the biggest projects a homeowner can take. If it goes well, however, you can have peace of mind that you and your home will be protected from the elements for as long as 20 or 30 years. The key to that is finding honest, experienced, and highly skilled roofing contractors that you can rely on.

With Senco, you don’t only get a team of roofers looking to finish the job as quick as possible but you get a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to ensuring that your next roof replacement or roof installation project is handled with the utmost care, attention to detail, and the right set of skills and knowledge. From looking for the highest quality asphalt shingle or luxury shingle to using the latest tools and techniques, we make sure that you get the high-quality installations you deserve.

Safe and Reliable

Roof Replacement

Most brand new roofs last a minimum of 15 years before you’d need a roof replacement. Different homes have different needs. Although there are tons of roofing options available in the market, it’s important you understand what your home needs and the benefits that each material offers. With Senco, you can be sure that whatever material you choose, we’ll be using the best quality there is.


Traditional or 3-tab shingles are one of the most commonly used out there. They’re lightweight but they’re designed to withstand whatever the elements bring for at least 20 years. The only downside to them is that they lack a wide variety of aesthetic options.


roof replacementsAs the name implies, luxury shingles are designed to give your home a more luxurious look. These can replicated slate, wood shake, and so many other styles. Aside from being pretty though, these shingles are made of materials that make them three times heavier than their natural counterparts which in turn makes them more resistant to strong winds, hails, snowstorms, and hurricanes.


architecturalreplacementsThese types of shingles are among the most high-quality roofing materials made. Unlike traditional shingles, they provide more depth for the look of your home. They can even be made to imitate the look of genuine cedar shakes or natural slate tiles without all the hassle those ones bring.

New Roof Installation

Various kinds of climate and weather conditions can easily decrease a roof’s lifespan. And while you think you might not need to think about any roof installation until your old roof starts springing a leak, it can actually be more costly for you that way. This is because, by the time you spot that leak, water might have already seeped into the structure of your home and caused some considerable damage. If you’re not sure what the signs are that your roof might need a little check-up, here are the most common things you should check:

Light Through
the Roof Boards

Check for any streams of light coming in through cracks, slits, or holes in your roof. If the light is getting in through those holes, then water is already getting leaking through your roof.


If your home isn’t brand new, look at the records and check how long your roof has been there. If your roof is more than 2 decades old, you might consider changing it.

Rotting or Damaged

Shingles should lie flat against the roof even after a big storm but if you find patches that are missing, damaged, or rotting, it is a good time for repairs.

Dark Stains or

If you notice any dark stains or streaks running down your walls from the roof or on the underside of the room, that means water has gotten in and the moisture is already starting to damage your home’s interior structure.

Droopy or Sagging

If you notice any dark stains or streaks running down your walls from the roof or on the underside of the room, that means water has gotten in and the moisture is already starting to damage your home’s interior structure.


Moss on your roof just spells trouble. Their growth there means that there’s moisture getting inside and getting trapped there which can ruin your entire roof in the long run. When cleaning up that moss, make sure to check for any underlying problems.

A Roofing Company You Can Trust

A roof installation or a roof replacement project is not a simple matter and you need to know that the roof installation company you chose is committed to providing you only the best quality of services. That is what we always strive for in Senco. Whether you need a roof repair, installation, or replacement, we assure you that we will only work with the highest of standards. We also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty.

There is nothing scarier than a leaking roof. Get it repaired before it’s too late!! 

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